Best Clubs in Brisbane for Music and Dance Lovers

Sometimes a pub doesn’t cut it and you want to dance to some groovy tunes. Brisbane has plenty of alternatives including the magical mega-club Cloudland. It feels like stepping into a scene from The Great Gatsby with its massive plants, crystal chandeliers and plush lounges.

Looking for topless barmaids and nude lap dances? Head to Players. Here are a few places besides The Brisbane Club that offer music and dance night outs.

  1. The Met

With five bars, three dance floors and a rooftop beer garden, The Met is one of Brisbane’s best clubs. Its huge dance floor, lifted stage for performances and booming sound system pack in the party-goers. The DJs play everything from RnB and funk to hip-hop and bangers. There’s also a lounge room, a Coco room and the main Met room.

The Marquee Bar is described as having the vibe of “the exclusive lounge at your favourite music festival.” The bar serves up drinks and late-night eats on two levels. The ground level is decked out like a backyard with a clothesline and a patio where people can enjoy a chill atmosphere. Upstairs is the main club with a dancefloor and a bar. The club offers a number of special events including Student Night, Thursdays with veteran drag queen Vollie LaVont and Luna Thicc, Mimosa Saturdays and Ladies Night on Friday.

Those who prefer to dance with their friends should head for the upscale bars and clubs in Fortitude Valley. The city’s 20-something crowd can be found here drinking and dancing all night long. It’s not uncommon to see the likes of Counting Crows and Guns N Roses playing to an enthusiastic audience here on weekends. Ric’s Bar is a non-cliche option and is one of the longest-running live music bars and clubs in town. For something a bit darker, check out Prohibition or the small Bearded Lady in West End.

  1. The Marquee Bar

In this glamorous club, you can find yourself sipping cocktails and enjoying the high-class vibes. You can also enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and family here. The menu includes a variety of appetizers and desserts, and you can also order some drinks to enjoy while dining. There are also live DJs to add to the experience. The Marquee Bar is a good choice for a fun night out in Brisbane.

There comes a time when top 40 dance beats on repeat tires you out and you need something that is a little more exciting. Fortunately, there are plenty of clubs that can deliver the goods in Brisbane. One option is the magical mega-club Cloudland, which looks like a scene from The Great Gatsby and features massive plants hanging from the ceiling, glass walls, and a swanky range of bars and lounges.

Another club that is a right of passage for any local is Prohibition, or as it’s affectionately known, “Proey.” It’s a short walk from the city and features a sign that lights up to warn you of the booming music and throngs of 20-somethings inside. You can boogie the night away on the iconic dancefloor or plop down into a booth for some secluded relaxation.

Other options include Press Club, which has live funk bands on Friday nights and is a favorite among the local music crowd; Ric’s Bar, whose ground level is decked out like a big backyard with a clothesline in the middle of it all; and Netherworld, which has an arcade with pinball machines and classic consoles for a throwback feel.

  1. The Beat

For Brisbanites and visitors looking to let off a little steam, there’s nothing like a night of dancing. The city’s clubs have come a long way over the last decade and now there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Beat megaclub has been spinning tunes for more than 30 years and is still wildly popular as the place to dance, meet friends, and party seven days a week. The Beat is especially well-known for welcoming gay folks and people of all gender identities to its dancefloors and bars, making it the best club for the LGBTQI community in Brisbane.

Black Bear Lodge is a happening club that’s very popular with locals who enjoy live music and soul DJs amid distressed brick walls and vintage furniture. The venue also hosts a variety of theme parties such as Salsa land, Eclipse, flunky, and mixtape nights that appeal to goths and other darklings.

If you love to dance to pure electronic music, head to Sub Rosa. Formerly known as Capulet, this hotspot is the hottest dance club in Brisbane that serves up spicy house, techno, prog, psytrance, glitch, dub, and D&B music. The club’s state-of-the-art sound system and cozy lounges keep dancers coming back for more.

  1. The Wickham

Everyone needs to let loose on the weekends once in a while and what better way than a cocktail bucket, amazing loud music and dancing? Luckily for Brisbane’s night owls, the city is home to some seriously awesome dance clubs. Most of the best ones are clustered in Fortitude Valley where you can find all the local and visiting 20-somethings dancing all night long.

If the standard pub dance beats are starting to bore you and you are craving some real underground electronic music, then head to the magical mega club Cloudland. It is a state-of-the-art DJ entertainment complex with three levels, five bars and secluded lounges. They host top DJs from all over the world and their sound system is absolutely delicious.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more intimate, then head to the sexy nightclub Prohibition (or as locals call it, “Proey”). This club is known for its iconic light-up sign and is located on Wickham Street. Once you get past the bouncers, you’ll enter a tiki-inspired space that features an outdoor beer garden and three bars. You can also sit back and enjoy the view of the city skyline. Thursdays are ladies nights here and you can score free drinks, free pizza and treats.

For some live music and a more chilled out atmosphere, check out the award-winning Brooklyn Standard. This bar is the hot spot for up and coming live music talent and has been voted the best live venue in Australia for several years in a row. They feature funk, rock ’n’ roll, mariachi and rockabilly amongst other genres and their dancefloor always goes off to the beat.

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