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Brisbane Clubs – Spend a Memorable Evening

Brisbane clubs reflect the city’s social mores. For example, Press Club is a sophisticated jazz bar that has live funk bands on Friday nights. Exposed brick walls, wood booths and a courtyard out the back create a Prohibition-era speakeasy vibe. Sample cocktails made by bar staff who know their stuff. Here are some of the best places to visit besides The Brisbane Club for memorable experiences.

OMP Nightclub

Whether you’re looking for a place to dance or just hang out, Brisbane’s nightlife has something for everyone. It’s home to a variety of bars and clubs, with a particular focus on live music. The main areas are Fortitude Valley and West End.

The OMP Nightclub is a large club with state-of-the-art lighting and a booming sound system. It also has a massive dance floor and a raised stage for performances. It’s a great place to see local and guest DJs spinning House, EDM, bangers, and hip-hop. The staff at this family nightclub is friendly and the venue is clean and well-maintained.

The Zombie

A fake plant wall and a string of red lantern lights set the scene for the survival seminar, led by Dr Dale (David Dark). He gave an amusingly deadpan performance as a man obsessed with zombies and determined to help the crowd survive the coming apocalypse. The seminar featured Q&A, group meditation and flashcard demonstrations. The ensemble cast performed well, with Garth Remington in particular earning laughs with his double entendres as “survival expert” Donald Straite. Emily McKendry’s chemistry with the audience as science expert Judy O’Dea was another highlight, while Claudia Thatcher’s commitment to her screaming outburst during the guided meditation skit was hilarious.

As well as raising money for the Brain Foundation, the Brisbane Zombie Walk is also a fun and popular event. This year, the organisers expect to break the world record for the largest gathering of zombies, with more than 10,000 expected to shuffle through the city streets. Police will be on hand to block traffic and keep the zombies under control.

While teenage girls swoon over sparkly vampires and bare chested werewolves, zombies seem to capture the hearts and minds of people around the world. Whether it’s a movie like The Walking Dead or the annual Brisbane Zombie Walk, it seems we have an abiding obsession with the humble rotter.

The Beat

As one of Australia’s first designated night precincts, Fortitude Valley’s streets come alive after dark with locals and visitors swaying to the beat of live music. Big-name national and international acts can be heard stalking the stage at the 3000-capacity Fortitude Music Hall, which channels Brisbane’s classic ballroom scene of yesteryear, or the 770-capacity Sound Garden.

For something a little more intimate, head to Eagle Lane for a hidden treasure trove of intimate bars and restaurants including Brew, Super Whatnot and Alba. Down Gresham Lane, New York-style street food bar Red Hook and whisky and bourbon saloon The Gresham ooze old-world charm.

There comes a time when a pub isn’t enough and you need a sexy club with a dance floor to shake your cock off. Brisbane has plenty of alternative options including magical mega-club Cloudland, which feels like stepping into a scene from The Great Gatsby. The two-storey club has masses of hanging plants, crystal chandeliers and plush lounges that have a funky-dance vibe. On Thursdays, check out Soul’Sa, where a salsa band and dancing instructors will have you on the dancefloor before you know it.

The Haunted

This spooky city has plenty of history to haunt you, especially around Halloween. You can take a ghost tour or go on an escape room adventure. The ghosts of Brisbane are a little different, however, as they tend to be friendly. A photo of a ghost of a child holding a teddy bear at a music festival caused much speculation online. The photo was taken at the Good Life Festival in February and shared on Facebook by event organisers. The image sparked debate about whether the festival is haunted and what caused the girl to appear in the photo. Event organisers have confirmed that the photo was not a fake. The venue has also been reported to be haunted by the spirit of a girl who committed suicide at the Brisbane Showgrounds in the early 1900s.

Another spooky place is the Brisbane Arts Theatre on Petrie Terrace, which is reportedly haunted by a lost soul. Staff have heard footsteps pacing the corridors and a mysterious caretaker who took his own life in the 1950s. Spectres have been seen in the basement and a foreboding feeling is felt when walking past Room 302.

Brisbane is home to many ghosts and spirits. For those who are not scared of the dark, it is a great place to visit. The city’s history is rich with crime and tragedy, and there are plenty of places to visit to experience the spooky side of Brisbane.

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